Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chorizo Potato Skins

We enjoyed these potato skins while watching the Super Bowl at home this past weekend. The amounts of Chorizo Seitan, cheese, and sour cream will vary depending on the size and amount of your potatoes, so use your best judgement on how much to cook up and save the rest for another tasty recipe!

picture of Chorizo Potato Skins

  • Upton's Naturals Chorizo Seitan
  • Potatoes (I used Yukon Gold, but think Russets are more traditional)
  • Vegan Cheese (I used cheddar Daiya mixed with monterey jack Follow Your Heart)
  • Vegan Sour Cream (I used Tofutti)
  • Spray Canola Oil

picture of Chorizo Potato Skins


  1. Wash your potatoes and then poke some holes in them with a fork. Bake them at 400ºF right on the rack in the oven until they are soft (time will vary depending on the size of your 'taters). 
  2. Spray some canola oil in a pan and add your Chorizo Seitan. Spray a little additional oil on top and warm the canola. You can add a little water to the pan to keep the Seitan from drying out and steam it as it cooks. Cook for about 5-10 minutes without letting the Chorizo Seitan dry out or get too crispy. 
  3. When your potatoes are fully cooked (they should give a little to the touch), take them out of the oven, cut them in half, and leave them for a few minutes to cool before handling them further. 
  4. Once they are cool, scoop out the center of each half leaving about 1/4" of potato along with the skin. Coat the potato skins on both sides with canola oil and put them back into the oven at 450ºF for 10 minutes. Flip them over and cook for 10 minutes on the other side. Make sure you use a sturdy baking dish at this temperature. 
  5. You're almost there! Stuff the potato skins with the Chorizo Seitan, followed by your vegan cheese. Place the stuffed skins under the broiler for 2-3 minutes until the cheese melts. 
  6. Top your skins with vegan sour cream and ENJOY!